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Our Story

I began drawing floor plans for homes when I was nine years old.  Always a hobby, I was drawn to the creative side of drafting and envisioned designing my own home one day.  In 2014, I stumbled across a job building log homes while trying to pay my way through college.  After spending the next few years building log homes, I knew one day I would finally design and build my own log home.  After graduating college, I joined the military and have spent my career moving and renting, always dreaming of when I could realize this dream.


Inception of The Cliffrose Cabin really started in 2010, when Clarissa and I met in Kanab.  We married in 2011 and, combining her artistic talents and interests in interior and graphic design, together we conceptualized what we finally finished building in 2021. 


We hope you enjoy your stay at The Cliffrose Cabin.  To us, this is not just another vacation home, it is the cumulation of our dreams, our sacrifices, and our future.  This truly is a reflection of our family's story, and we love it.  We hope you enjoy the love and attention that has been years in the making.

Jeremy  and   Clarissa

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